Corporate Training


“Inspiring Amazing Hospitality Attitudes!


a ha!” University is exclusively dedicated to careers in hospitality and all programs and features of World Campus have been devel-oped with specific functions that support the needs of education and training in our industry. “A ha!” University operates entirely online and is a safe, easy-to-use and robust online learning environment that was specially developed by AHA.

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“Benefits of online training through “a ha! University” include:

  • Specialized customer service courses and professional development seminars
  • Customized training design and delivery
  • Training staff in multiple or remote locations concurrently with less down time
  • Having 24/7 access to the classroom is never closed!
  • Access to a safe, secure, user friendly online system
  • Access to AHA’s global professional networking center
  • Comprehensive training and coaching of facilitators on how to teach and maximize training outcomes
  • Full support from AHA’s professional program developers, advisors technical team


Significant Cost Benefits

At “a ha!” University, not only do you have greater flexibility in achieving your training goals, there are also significant cost cutting benefits. You can reach more learners with fewer facilitators at more locations with less down-time, and save the costs associat-ed with physical classrooms and travel. You also create a well rounded employee with the knowledge and skills to not only perform their operational roles well, but with