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Add prestige to your resume and gain international experience while exploring the Kiwi lifestyle! New Zealand, recently ranked the third best country in the world to live in, is also a great place to work, study, and play. With the temperate climate, stunning geography-all surrounded by the Pacific and Tasman Ocean- people in New Zealand happily lead an outdoor life. No matter where you live or work in NZ, you are probably less than an hour from the ocean, and less than 4 hours from the ski field. Which means on the same day you can mountain bike, snowboard, and surf!

We have heaps of paid hospitality jobs waiting for you. Our experienced team will walk you through the entire process–matching you with the right employer, guiding you through interviews, and helping you get settled upon arrival in New Zealand.

Why the New Zealand Work Experience?

  • Improve the look of your CV to future employers.
  • Get real world responsibility and improve your working habits and skills.
  • Opportunity to work in a young and vibrant industry.
  • Get valuable work experience while having fun.
  • Chance to have easier access to discount travel rates throughout New Zealand.
  • Opportunity to make new contacts and friends within your industry and beyond – Kiwi Style!
  • Living in one of the most beautiful places on earth!
  • Being exposed to a wider variety of job duties and responsibilities, because companies are usually smaller in New Zealand


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