t1 This has been the best year of my life! I am so glad I picked AHA to guide me through this process you guys made me feel like nothing could go wrong and there was always a safety net even in case if I happened to fall. I am grateful for that. And would do it in a heartbeat all over again! This was the best year of my life I learned so much I can’t even find enough words to describe this experience. Svetlana, Slovenia

I’ve been exposed to a lot of cultures here in US and I tried local food from other people’s countries. There’s so much yet to experience, I’m so grateful that I took this program. This learning experience is more than I have expected. Thank you. Arens, Philippines


I’m having a great time learning so much about my property and the hotel industry. In the past month, I have done nothing but gain important skills and knowledge I will definitely be applying when I come back to the Philippines. Everything is going really good, even exceeding my expectations. My managers are very open and willing to provide me the different types of training I need to be able to maximize my internship. Serville James, Philippines


After I arrived the hotel had “welcome party” for a new associates, we had barbecue for almost all night. I met new friend from all over the world, we exchange experiences in hospitality industry. I attended orientation, toured the property, had lunch with managers, went on a shopping trip. On my day off, we went to the beach it was a beautiful clean beach. Every day is different we have planned events where we can socialize with each other and learn from others. Dominik, Slovak Republic


Well this month was pretty exotic, I tried a lot of different food starting from Filipino food and American food, and Mexican and Chinese food too. Then we had a period of bad rain, the hurricane was moving in our direction, but we are okay and it was not so bad. In general this month was full of good new experiences. Kostiantyn, Ukraine


It is a great experience to be here. We were trained well and everyone is very approachable, willing to teach us what they know. My hotel has its own hockey rink, it is fun to watch and learn the sport. Jessica, Philippines


I here in USA only 15 days, but I really like it. During this short time I had a lot of happy moments. Here I found my new friends! Uliana, Ukraine


It is the holy season and time to celebrate festival of colors, light and happiness yes its Christmas. Time to celebrate snow, time having fun making ginger bread house! Yes ginger bread house… Since gingerbread house is a festive attraction in Christmas season, in our hotel we had a ginger bread making competition. I am happy to share I have been a part of that occasion and won first prize for making Best Creative Ginger House. Thank you Crystal spring Resorts for giving an opportunity to explore my creativity and innovation!

Apart from this I have experienced first snow for the first time in my life. It’s an amazing experience just don’t have words to express that happiness. I am so happy for my J1 program where I get to learn so many new things and I believe that it’s a lifetime opportunity for me. Thank you AHA for providing us such a good platform to experience culture and colors at its best! Ashok, India


America is known to be open minded with ideas from other foreign country. In my past 30 days, I already have a great experience with my Host Company and American culture. I got the opportunity to experience fall season for the first time. We had a harvest themed dinner and wine season themed dinner in my work place. I also got the chance experience how Americans celebrate Halloween day and dress up for that day. Furthermore, I have a great time visiting the New York City to see the popular times square, central park, empire state building, and 9/11 memorial place. I went to go try American restaurants and bar. I’m looking forward for more memorable moments here in New York and share them here, to my friends and family. Agatha, Philippines


It has been a great experience! I meet people from all the states in USA and from other countries as well and learn their culture for one of our senior management knows how to greet me in my language.

Blessing, South Africa

t11 I meet new people, and live in a house of an American. Every day contact with them shows me the American culture in the best way. I see the culture in this country from a different corner now, and I definitely learn more. The WAT program gives you a unique chance to become better person. Atanas, Bulgaria

I went to the Fort Zacchary Taylor for making a picnic with my American friends, it was amazing, because we made a barbecue, grilled chicken and also I brought some Peruvian homemade food. They loved it. Also I went to the butterfly nature conservatory, where I found more than 50 species of butterflies and also I saw a lot of flowers that I’ve never seen before, it was such a great experience. Till now I go every afternoon to run around the city (which is very small) I take different street for running, I like this. I know new place, also there are a lot of local people who likes running or outdoors sports, we have one thing in common. Thalia, Peru


I’ve had several occasions to get to know American culture since I’ve arrived. First of all I’ve met people from all around the world that embraced that culture and replicate these standards throughout their daily routines. Second of all, I’ve met many true Americans that were willing to present their lifestyle to me. I’ve attended several parties and gatherings, I’ve been jet skiing and skydiving and have done many more but the overall experience so far is great and definitely meeting my expectations. Adam, Poland


Hi AHA, I love this place, I’ve been on a baseball match so far, got to know many amazing people from all over the world, I’ve eaten traditional American food, burgers, steaks and I like my job. Tomasz, Poland


I live on Duck Key which is a beautiful island. I live in house with two other people from Bulgaria. I have great time here. Food is very good and everyone is very positive. Last Saturday I visited Key West and I have amazing experience from there. It is one the greatest places I have ever seen. This is a beautiful town with a lot of clubs. I’m looking forward for next great experience I can make here. Michal, Poland


I think that’s the best summer for me so far. I like Raleigh very much and the people here. This week is 4-th of July and I’m so excited! Yordan, Bulgaria


I have met lots of new people here in Colorado. Everyone is really friendly. During the past month we have eaten in several American restaurants and we went to baseball game, which was really fun. We also have barbecue every week. Last week we went to the amusement park. Jakub, Poland


So far my time has being great I have learned a lot about this country and their culture. I have learned many types of ways to cook different foods and it has being one of the greatest experiences thus far. Francois, Jamaica


I’m only in week 2 of my intern training and enjoying every moment. American culture is amazing and Durham hospitality is fantastic. The Washington Duke is fantastic. The Washington Duke Inn and Gold Club is a wonderful hotel to work at. Management and employees have fantastic traditions. This week, to keep up the holiday spirit, each department have to decorate a door. This was an amazing experience to see everyone work together and having so much fun. Lynette, South Africa


My experience is not just about American cultures but with a multi cultural culture including American, Russian, Mexican and Peruvian. We have dinner and talk about what is different in our culture and races. There is one thing we have all in common, to learn and gain experience for our future. We all strive for is to become successful and enjoy hanging out to the lake and having meals and party together. All races are friendly and eager to learn about each other’s culture. Regin, Philippines


It has been more than 2 months now in the United States and I am enjoying my internship here as well as I am getting used to the American culture as I meet different people on a day to day basis and every day I learn something new which enhances my skills personally as well as professionally. I would sincerely like to thank AHA for this opportunity and the continuous support. I am working with JHM hotels, so I am getting chances to attend social functions and meeting the big executives of the company which is very helpful for my growth. Sagar, India

t22 I really enjoyed this month. Currently I’m living in a house with American people. Knowing that I never been before in Savannah, they always try to involve me in different American events, so I can really understand what means American culture. You can’t describe the beauty of this city in couple words. You can write a book about this place, and the people that are living here make this place more special. I really want to say thank you to my co-workers for opening so much time with me, trying to explain any details that I don’t understand, for being so friendly and helpful all the time. Corina, Moldova

I am in United States over one month. I really like this culture; sometimes I have dinner with American family who is really kind and helpful for me. I think that people here are usually kind, positive and helpful. This culture is new and different but I think that it is really interesting to learn. Elzbieta, Poland


Far away from home makes me stronger. I learned a lot and it changed me when I started joining in this training program. I learned how to be an independent, more matured and how to stand in my own feet. This training program helps me to broaden my knowledge about my chosen field. And I know it will be worthwhile for my future career. People (employees) here in Florida are very nice and kind. That’s why I didn’t feel homesick they show me that I’m really belong to them. I feel so comfortable working with them. Mar Ann, Philippines


It is really good have friends from different countries! My closest friend here is a girl from Poland and sometimes she tried to teach me polish and I tried to teach her Portuguese is really fun. Juliana, Brazil


Everything is wonderful people are kind and helpfully I have a lots of friends from different cultures. It is amazing to know other culture!

Muharrem, Turkey


My experience in America has been absolutely incredible. I’m glad that l have the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world, attendant different events, do many adventure activities and visit different cities.

Emine, UK


My training brought me or let me say increase my skill, ameliorate my language, taught me how to deal with different personalities, increased my knowledge. I would like to say thank you to Frenchman creek for the knowledge and also to you AHA for f making sure we are fine. Jeannese, South Africa


During this month I’ve got a chance to meet a lot of interesting American citizens with whom I work and spend free time. After our arrival my Polish friends and I were invited to the barbeque party which took place at ours manager’s house where we had a chance to know the way they live and try some traditional hamburgers. We found every people here very polite and hospitable, our manager treats us like family members, and the atmosphere at work and after it is really friendly. Socializing with Americans gave me a chance to improve my language skills and learn more about this country. I’ve known many interesting facts and customs. We are invited to the firework show and barbeque at fourth of July to celebrate Independence day. I’m very satisfied with the place that I’ve chosen and I appreciate the chance of working with this amazing people and gaining new experience. Aleksandra, Poland

t30 This year’s cultural exchange program was one of the best experience of my life. Life is great when you have meet new friends and explore boundaries beyond your normal territory. It is the experiences that makes us a better person and an understanding one, of different cultures and people. I enjoyed my time here in the USA to the fullest! Thank you guys so much for this wonderful opportunity. It has truly open a new window to cultural exchange for me. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Sebastion, Jamaica
t31 During first month in USA I received a big life experience. I improved my English skills, speaking with Americans. They also invited me on volleyball and in cafe for ice-cream! Once I visited Rugby Night in my workplace- Baia Restaurant. It was very nice! Soon it will be July 4 and we are waiting for big events with fireworks! Thank you for help to visit USA. I visited Aquarium, had a dinner with American family, also I was in At Atlantic city! It was really cool! Soon I am going to visit Cirque du Solei! New many positive emotions. Thank you for this opportunity and your support. Nadejda, Moldova

Everything is perfect here. The housing is amazing too. Our bosses are so good and they prepare dinner for us in their home every 14 days. Our work is interesting and exciting and we meet so many different people and coworkers. My coworkers also and by bosses are like my family so I can feel like in my home. Kaloyan, Bulgaria

t33 The past month was very exciting for me, I was on a pizza party with good people, we had fun and I liked it, also our employer hosted soccer events that brings us all together making it easy to know each other. The best thing for me here is that the animals are free. I’ve seen deer’s, fox, and ducks come to my pool every day. I am having a great time here and I am happy,because I met very good people from the community I work at. Sometimes we go to dinners or to the Mall together. The company we work for made a social event taking us to Ocean city and it was amazing. The summer was great, I’m a bit sad that it’s almost over, but I’ll see my family again soon, that is what makes me feel good and what I’m thinking of. Rosen, Bulgaria
t34 This last month I went to a BBQ and it was so fun. And a week ago I went to one of my coworker house and I ate a traditional food of her country (she’s from Honduras)… It was wonderful!!! Everything has been amazing! I was move of position, now I’m working at the Snack Bar near to the pool; now I can talk with the costumer face to face every single day, and that is wonderful to me. I love my new job. I had the opportunity of meet new people from Peru and Honduras, and they had shown me pictures of their country and tourism places. Isvelly, Dominican Republic

I am so privileged to be part of an amazing experience. I love my host property and I have learned more than I thought in a short space of time. Communication is the best tool ever. Judith, South Africa


This has been a challenge for me interacting with different cultures and preparing myself to be the person I want to be. I have enjoyed interacting with the different cultures and have experienced the social ways of dealing with matters. It has been really nice and professional experience. Clinton, South Africa


I would like to thank you and all the AHA team for your time, assist and support from the moment that I applied with AHA and during the program in US. It was an extraordinary year in my life I have discovered many new things about myself, my career and culture in America. I really met such a wonderful people I have made so many solid friendships with people from all over the world. Thank you and I really appreciate I am grateful of being in this program with AHA.

Mohamed, Egypt


I would highly recommend Essex to anyone interested in the J1 program here. The property is beautiful, close to Boston and everyone is supportive. Mr. Jeremiah is a patient teacher and has much to share. This is a great place!

Michaela, Slovak Republic

…………. Thanks to AHA for making me a better person your efforts guys of improving the world through hospitality is great .Your American efforts of poverty alleviation in Africa through programs like this one is welcomed and appreciated. . America yesterday, today, tomorrow and future .God bless America and its institutions. Mbulelo, South Africa
t40 The last month I have shared with people not just from America, also from different parts of the world, actually today the hotel JW Marriott invite us to a J1 meeting. It was such a nice experience to meet all persons from all the world. We shared about our experience here and the work we have done. The experience I have done here has been great, and the people I have met all of them willing to help me and oriented me during this time. I have learned new techniques. Melissa, Chile
t41 Casa Marina for me is the best host organization. Half of the year has already passed and I have learned so many things engaging my knowledge and skills and even enhancing it more. I’ve recommend Casa Marina/Reach Resort in Key West as an internship place for future AHA’s participants. They’ll be developing not just the culture but also a professional career in their future needs. With the ever supportive supervisors and managers, it is so much fun and enjoyable to work at Casa. I am looking forward to my remaining 6 months for other best experiences. Eliza, Philippines

So far in enjoying my training program because I’ve met so many people from different parts of the world of which it was a new thing to me. Vuyokazi Faith, South Africa


I just want to say thank you so much for the opportunity that I had to participate in the internship program. I learned a great deal and I would recommend this program to everyone in the hospitality industry. Logay Cametia, Jamaica


I am doing great here. Enjoying every single day of my experience, it is definitely worth it. My roommate is amazing as well. I wanted to thank you and all AHA team for a huge support helping me to get here. Thank you very much, I appreciate it a lot. Margareta, Latvia


I have had the greatest experience alongside people with different ethnic background. And so far it has been a fruitful one to say the least. Gamaliel Luis, Philippines


“….This period over the states was unforgettable and one of its kind on a professional and personal level. Professionally, I experienced the American way of work, learning how to be punctual and detail oriented. I was inspired to reach the services excellence and actually I was able to reach that level allowing me to receive several awards and recognition

……On a personal level, I got to work and live with people from all around the world: English Dutch South African Brazilian French, Polish and so on…. I can hardly describe what a unique, exceptional and amazing period I got to experience. This experience helped to shape up my attitude and look into challenges in a different and more global perspective. I would recommend every single one to go and enjoy this one of a kind experience. At the end I want to say thank you AHA for the unforgettable life time experience.” Joey – Lebanon


“I was able to meet people from countries I never thought I would see or visit. I also was taught Dutch by some of my friends from the Netherlands” Mil Angela – Philippines

…………. “During my internship I improved by English and was able to learn some Spanish since it is spoken a lot in Florida! I also have lived with people from many different places. I grew as a professional, this was an amazing experience” Ji Eun, South Korea
t49 “AHA’s program is the best! I am able to fully make the most of this internship. I’ve grown professionally, personally, and I’ve definitely further improved my communication skills. AHA’s team is outstanding, they are there for me whenever I have queries. Keep up the good job and continue making other AHA-ers dreams come true!” Jame Love, Philippines
t50 I’m having an amazing time here the hotel is beautiful and the island is just simply perfect!! I’m having the best time of my life and thank you very much for all your help; I will not hesitate to ask any questions if any occur. Thank you again” Rebecca, UK

“I had a wonderful time on Thanksgiving was something new for me. We don’t celebrate it in Slovenia. I’m thankful every day for each morning, for health, for love and friends and for all the beautiful people I met on my internship journey. Thank you so much for your help. You are the best”

Julijana, Slovenia


“I spent my first Thanksgiving in the US. I and my other roommates to went to a US friends house. He cooked the turkey and I helped with side dishes. We were about 10 people in the same house, all from different countries, we had fun.

My Thanksgiving was about being able to come here to complete my trainee program and meet all these people from different countries and culture” Aline, Brazil

……. “I am enjoying the J-1 trainee program, I really love everything about Stowe, VT, it is really awesome. Thank you for supporting and helping me all the time, I know I have a best friend with AHA” Shadi, Jordan
t54 Thank you also for helping me through my J-1 program. I am having a great experience at Club Med. ´m very happy I´m here, I like very much my position and I´m enjoying the other Resort cultural exchange very much. Now we have a Nike Junior Tour and International Tennis Tournament.. it is a beautiful place, with wonderful weather, it´s still summer here, and it´s December! It is a fun place, I work with cool people, and we have also nice guests from all over the world.. I´m really enjoying my time here, thank you” Martina, Slovak Republic