World Campus

AHA's educational programs are delivered online through our own robust, easy-to-use, and custom-designed online learning delivery system. It is at the heart of AHA's vision of creating global classrooms and a world campus that transcends all geographical, social, cultural and economic boundaries.

World Campus provides AHA participants with a vital point of difference by linking students, faculty and industry professionals around the world for both educational and social networking.

Benefits of AHA World Campus

  • Students have access to their facilitators as well as to course materials, assignments, homework, grades, discussion threads, chats and other interactive learning activities.
  • Our electronic classroom is designed to fit the student's schedule. Students can log on to World Campus 24/7 from home, the office or an Internet café - anywhere they can find a connection - and complete their course work at a time that suits them.
  • The World Campus learning environment encourages higher levels of student participation and often results in higher levels of performance than traditional classroom learning.
  • Students can develop their own profiles and connect with fellow students in different parts of the world. This international connection broadens their educational base and exposes them to a diversity of cultures, traditions, beliefs, lifestyles, and business practices. Such exposure is essential to an industry increasingly influenced by a growing global economy.
  • Students are exposed to a wide range of international faculty and industry professionals in other parts of the world.

All participants enrolled in an AHA program are automatically enrolled in eCafé - our global online community.

Through eCafé, participants have the added advantage of traveling the world without leaving home!

Participants can take advantage of:

  • Interactive International Recipe Book
  • Global Hospitality Discussion Forums
  • AHA Career Center
  • Professional Development tips and lessons
  • Access to AHA's iCoach
  • Fun social media activities and much more!


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