Cruise Line Professional Course - Online & Onboard
Program Description

Since 1986, The American Hospitality Academy has inspired thousands of employees around the world to provide service excellence with an Amazing Hospitality Attitudes also known as “a ha!”.

We are excited to continue our path of service excellence training with the industries finest cruise companies. Created in collaboration with Maritime Holdings Group and Princess Cruise Lines, the Cruise Line Professional Course (CLP) is your boarding pass to the ultimate online and shipboard learning experience.

Upon acceptance, your voyage will begin online. The CLP modules will acquaint you with the dynamics of the modern cruise industry, the essential skills and work ethics needed for a cruising career. Your training will continue onboard Princess Cruise Lines. During your shipboard experience, the CLP offers you the unique opportunity to attend live training sessions, complete interviews and be introduced to cruise line professionals giving you the advantage to foster long term professional relationships.

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Program Description
Intro to Culinary Course Syllabus
Purser and Admin Course Syllabus