USA Management, Business, Finance Intern & Train Program

Our USA Management, Business, Finance program will provide you the opportunity to gain international experience in the U.S., which will help advance your career in your home country.

You must first find your own internship or training position at an eligible U.S. company. Please note, AHA does not provide placement and will not sponsor management, business, finance trainees in hospitality organizations, such programs fall under our hospitality/tourism designation.


  1. Find an Internship
    Our business, management, finance program requires that you find an internship before you apply. There are hundreds of different online internship search engines in the United States that can help you find your ideal internship, click here to view a list
  2. Contact AHA to Determine Eligibility
    AHA will review your resume and internship offer to determine eligibility. Email your resume and details to
  3. Start your Application
    Once pre-approved, you will receive instructions to start your application, create an AHA account and begin uploading supporting documents.
  4. Interview
    AHA will schedule an interview to meet you, review the program, understand your goals and objectives as well as confirm suitability and eligibility. At the same time, we will also be contacting your host employer to meet with them and complete the necessary vetting.
  5. Final Decision
    You will be notified within two business days the completion of both your and the host employer interview. Once approved, additional documents will be required and communicated to you via your online account.
  6. Receive your DS Kit and Schedule your Visa appointment
  7. Attend your visa interview and prepare for your arrival to the USA!

The primary goals of AHA’s programs are to enhance your skills and expertise in your academic or occupational field and to improve your knowledge of American business techniques, methodologies, and technology. AHA programs cannot be used for ordinary employment or to displace American workers. Internship programs should allow you to develop practical skills in your academic field that will enhance your future career and bridge the gap between your education and practical work experience. Training programs must include bona-fide training and not simply be additional work experience.

The program will help increase your understanding of American culture, while also enhancing Americans' knowledge of your culture, customs and practices. Through this program, you will help to promote mutual understanding and develop relationships and extended networks that will last through generations as you move into leadership roles in your home country.

Internships are open to

  • Students currently enrolled full-time in a degree or professional certificate program in a college, university, or other post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S.
  • Individuals who have graduated from these institutions within 12 months of the internship start date
  • Internships must be directly related to the intern's academic field of study in business, management or finance.
  • Interns must have finished at least one year of their degree program and have completed sufficient academic coursework in their academic field before their program start date in order to be sufficiently prepared for their U.S. internship
  • Internships may be 1-12 months in duration

Training programs are open to

  • Individuals who hold a degree or professional certificate from a college, university or other post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S. and at least one year of related professional experience from outside the U.S.
  • Individuals with at least five years of related professional experience from outside the U.S.
  • Training programs must be related to applicants' occupational field of management, business or finance.
  • All trainee applicants must also be able to document their current and previous related occupational experience from current/former employers outside the U.S.
  • Training programs may be 1-18 months in duration.
  • Abide by all federal, state and local labor and occupational health and safety laws, including wage and hour laws.
  • Provide proof of workers compensation or equivalent insurance that covers J-1 participants (or proof of exemption), a Federal Identification Number and copy of business registration.
  • Provide a professional work environment, offering no more than 20% clerical or basic work to participants in an office-type setting (home-based businesses are not permitted).
  • Be in business and operational for at least six months and have an English-language website and company-branded email addresses.
  • Employers with less than 25 full time employees and 3 million in revenue require a site visit and must pay the $300 site visit fee.
  • Interview candidates via phone, webcam, or in person
  • Agree to complete mandatory program evaluations, reply to all AHA communication in a timely fashion, notify AHA in case of an emergency or any changes to the training plan or supervision.
  • Provide full-time (32-45 hrs. per week), professional-level training and not displace American workers.
  • By completing the DS-7002 training plan, develop an internship program that allows candidates to obtain skills, knowledge, and competencies through structured and guided training. These programs may NOT be used for ordinary employment purposes or unskilled labor.
  • Ensure Interns and Trainees have sufficient opportunity to be exposed to U.S. culture and business practices and that your American staff is exposed to the culture and business practices of each candidate’s home country.
  • Not attempt to extend an offer of employment or change the visa status of your Interns or Trainees, as it is required that they return home after completing the program.
  • Accounting
  • Accounting and Business/Management
  • Accounting and Computer Science
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Actuarial Science
  • Advertising
  • Auditing
  • Banking and Financial Support Services
  • Business Administration and Management, General
  • Business and Personal/Financial Services Marketing Operations
  • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other
  • Business/Commerce
  • Construction Management
  • Credit Management
  • E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce
  • Engineering/Industrial Management
  • Fashion Merchandising (no fashion design)
  • Finance
  • Finance and Financial Management Services
  • Financial Planning and Services
  • Human Resources Management and Services
  • Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration
  • Insurance
  • International Business/Trade/Commerce
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing
  • Investments and Securities
  • Logistics and Materials Management
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing/Marketing Management
  • Merchandising and Buying Operations
  • Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management
  • Operations Management and Supervision
  • Public Finance
  • Public Relations
  • Public Relations/Image Management
  • Purchasing
  • Retailing and Retail Operations
  • Sales
  • Small Business Administration/Management

AHA cannot approve participants for sponsorship at the following locations:

  • In positions that require any sort of license or certification
  • Arcades
  • Bridal companies
  • Camps
  • Candy stores, mall kiosks, boardwalk booths, and stands
  • Convenience and grocery stores, mini markets
  • Call center, customer service, or phone operators, including tech and help desk support
  • Farms
  • Fast food or quick service restaurants or bakeries
  • Fitness studios, gyms, pools, dance studios, personal training, or coaching
  • Garages
  • Gardens or parks
  • Gas stations or toll plazas
  • Landscaping companies
  • Pool management companies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Retail stores or locations and boutiques
  • Schools and other instructional facilities
  • Spas, salons, or dog grooming companies
  • Staffing agencies

In addition, we are not able to sponsor programs in which interns or trainees would participate in: animal care, child care, elder care, clinical work that involves any patient care or contact, sports or physical therapy, psychological counseling, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, social work, speech therapy or early childhood education.

AHA requires all interns and trainees to be paid minimum wage. Commission based work is not permitted. J-1 Participants are not permitted to have a second job, so this will be your sole source of income.

No, our business, management, finance program requires that you find an internship before you apply. There are hundreds of different online internship search engines in the United States that can help you find your ideal internship, click here to view a list.

The main difference between interns and trainees has to do with the education and experience required of each.

Interns must be current students or recent graduates of a post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S. that grants degrees or certificates. If you’ve completed your studies, you must start the internship program within one year of graduating. Interns are permitted to intern in the U.S. for up to 12 months, and your field of training must be related to your field of study.

Trainees must have earned a degree or professional certificate from an overseas post-secondary academic institution and have at least one year of related professional experience acquired outside the U.S. Alternatively, if you do not have a degree or certificate, you must have at least five years of related professional experience acquired outside the U.S. As a trainee you are permitted to train in the U.S. for up to 18 months, unless you are participating in a Hospitality/Tourism program, which cannot exceed 12 months. Your field of training must be related to your professional experience.

Not yet. You must be a full-time student currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a university outside the U.S. You will be eligible to begin an internship once you have completed at least one year of your degree program.

No. Program regulations require that interns and trainees have sufficient past education or work experience to successfully complete their training.

The maximum duration of the J-1 Intern Visa is 12 months. The maximum duration of the J-1 Trainee Visa is 18 months. Hospitality/Tourism training programs are limited to 12 months for both Interns and Trainees, per the program regulations.

Yes. The required insurance is $1.50 per day. This insurance meets all U.S. Department of State requirements and will cover you through your program dates.

Yes. Your spouse and/or dependent children may accompany you for the duration of your program. However, they must apply for the J-2 Visa (also sponsored through AHA). Please indicate on your application that you will be bringing your spouse and/or children with you and provide the dependent information requested in the application.

Past experience in the United States does not automatically disqualify you from program participation. However, as this is a cultural exchange program, applicants with significant recent experience working or studying in the U.S. would be ineligible for this program.

No. Applicants must return to their home country to apply to the Intern/Trainee program. If you require a change of status from another visa to the J-1 Visa, AHA will not be able to assist you.

You may apply to the Intern or Trainee program, but you must first return to your home country.

Yes. To qualify for a new J-1 Intern Visa, you must show that you are learning new or more advanced skills. AHA cannot sponsor back-to-back J-1 Intern Visas. You must return to school for at least one more term before applying to another J-1 Intern program in order to demonstrate that you are actively pursuing a degree.

Interns/Trainees who have previously completed a J-1 Intern or Trainee Visa must wait at least two years before being eligible for another J-1 Trainee Visa. This is required for all participants who have previously held a J-1 Intern or Trainee Visa and is not related to Rule 212(e), also known as the two-year home residency requirement.

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